• Responsive Web

    Responsive Web Designs

    Responsive Web Design is now considered to be one of the best ways to design websites that look great on any device.
    Small + Medium + Large = One site for every screen
    Intuitive and Gratifying experience for everyone
    Fluid Grid Layouts
  • Mobile Apps

    Mobile Apps

    Transform your business with state-of-the-art mobile apps.
    Android Application Development
    iPhone / iPad / iOS App Development
    HTML5 Mobile Apps Development
    Graphics & Branding
  • Graphics & Branding

    Graphics & Branding

    Statistics show the importance of branding in creating
    a memorable product.
    Logo Design
    Marketing Flyers
    Corporate Identity Sets
  • Social Media - Marketing & Optimization

    Social Media - Marketing & Optimization

    $3.1 Billion will be spent on Social Media Marketing in 2014.
    Social Media Marketing Strategy
    Maintain Your Social Presence
    Social Profile Creation
    Social Media Audit
  • Website Promotion & SEO

    Website Promotion & SEO

    Our SEO process works every time!
    Keyword Analysis
    Content Writing
    Directory Submission
    Link Building
    Competitor Analysis
  • Website Design & Development

    Website Design & Development

    Cutting Edge Website Development Solutions
    Static Websites
    CMS Websites
    Ecommerce Websites
    Customised Web Applications

Welcome to Goradia Infotech

Reliable service is not a thing of the past! You are about to learn of a unique Mumbai, India based Information Technology company that’s on the leading edge of technology and surpasses exceptional customer service. We are Goradia Infotech.com! and we believe,

  • That Technology should be accessible and usable; simplicity, adaptability, and functionality are at the core of our development philosophy.
  • The heart of design is communication - defining a problem and creating a solution that balances pure information with an aesthetic that gives the message voice.
  • Excellence in customer service does not come from programs or policies, but instead from the way we as individuals think, communicate and interact with our customers.
  • In enabling our clients to bring quality and satisfaction to their customers, inspiring loyalty through the personal touch.
  • There is never one right way to do anything, and so we must consistently revise and refine our conceptualization of “the best way”.

We all know that internet marketing is growing at speeds faster than ever imagined. According to eMarketer’s latest forecasts, worldwide business-to-consumer (B2C) E-Commerce sales will increase by 20.1% this year to reach $1.5 trillion and will continue its double-digit growth rate over the coming years.

In 2015, for the first time, consumers in Asia-Pacific will spend more on ecommerce purchases than those in North America, making it the largest regional ecommerce market in the world. This year alone, B2C ecommerce sales are expected to reach $525.2 billion in the region, compared with $482.6 billion in North America.