It all ways surprises us to see how many organisations still use MYCOMPANY@FREE-EMAIL or MYCOMPANY@OUR_ISP for their email addresses. We think this is because the organisations don't realise how easy and cheap it can be to have your own email addresses. Allow Goradia Infotech to show you how to enhance your organisation's professional image.

The ease and low cost of having your own domain with email addresses surprises many people. When Goradia Infotech designs your website and hosts it for you, we also set up and give you 2GB (2,000MB) POP3 email accounts (the number of POP3 emails provided free by us depend upon the amount of web space booked with us). We are sure that your oragnisation will benefit from the professional impression that having your own email address gives. For example, you'd think a bit strange, wouldn't you? or are some examples of the emails your organization can have. You can have different email addresses for the different departments that you have or for the different products that you offer.

Some of the Advantages of Gigabyte email :

  • 2GB (2,000MB) email space is very big and you never have to worry about your mails bouncing even if you have not read the same for a long while.
  • You can attach upto 50MB attachment per email
  • You can access your mail from anywhere in the world even from any browser.
  • You can read your mail without being logged onto the Internet.
  • You may create new messages to send to others without being logged onto the Internet.
  • All messages are stored on your hard drive on your own computer.
  • There are often no size limits on the email you send or receive.
  • There is not a maximum size on your mailbox, except as determined by the size of your hard drive.
  • There is no advertising when you read your email
  • Opening attachments is a quick and painless process.